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Of Bengal

Welcome to Tenshinkan Karate Do Association Of Bengal Serving Sensei Manoj Kr. Prasad with real-world, unique martial arts instruction.

Its Karate that matters.  Hear what our members have to say.

Affiliated to - Tenshinkan Karate Do Federation-India
Member of - Japan Karate Do Tenshinkan Federation
                                World Karate Federation
Approved by - All India Karate Do Federation
Recog. by - Ministry of Sports & Youth Affair (Govt. of India)
                              & Indian Olympic Association

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Unleash the power inside you!

Karate means "empty hand," so karate weapons may seem like a contradiction in terms. But though weapons are not obligatory in this martial art, their use can double your strength, enhance your coordination, and make you a superior empty-handed fighter.

The physical conditioning that weapons offer karate stylists has increased their popularity in recent years, and people are eager to learn more about their history and current applications. "You try different foods," says Yamashita, "you must also try different weapons to see which are best for you. If you don't try, how do you know?"

List of some of the more common weapons of karate training. You're sure to find the one that suits you.

  • SAI

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Martialt Arts The Way It Should Be!

A unique, intelligent martial arts curriculum led by dynamic, high-energy instructors.  This is the foundation of the Tensinkan Karate in West Bengal.

  • Balance and coordination
  • Focus and eye contact
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Patience and listening skills
  • Self control and body awareness
  • Self confidence and assertiveness

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Our students learn real-world skills:

Healthy eating habits
Conflict Resolution
Leadership Training
Community Development
Universal Respect
Physical Self-defense

This is the most relevant martial arts curriculum available in Bengal.

Tensinkhan Karate Patners in Education

We are excited to have the opportunity to give back to our local community and we are currently working on adding more schools to this list!

  • Sunshine Academy
  • Morning Star

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Consider your goals met.

Weight Loss
Increased Strength
Practical Self Defense
Cardiovascular Health
Competition Training
Increased Flexibility
Increased Energy